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"Bernadette is so amazing! She is such a gifted healer and an incredible teacher. I love how she was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed right away. I had asked to work on one topic, but she could feel there was something much bigger to work on. I waited to write this review because I wanted to be sure that the healing would be permanent and last... and it has! :) There was this specific topic that was worrying me, concerning me and bothering me for months.. and after just once session with Bernadette I was able to feel so clear... almost as if the experience never happened in the first place!!! :) Also.. she taught me this incredible technique about tuning everyone in to the monad... and it has helped with every single one of my relationships. I am SOOOO thankful for gifted healers like Bernadette. I would always go to a healer first before seeing a medical doctor.. unless what you're dealing with is urgent. Addressing the energetic and the emotional need often dissipates whatever you're working through on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Just a few weeks after our session I also found the love of my life. I know that seems so cliche to say. But literally he tells me how much he loves me every day.. and when he holds me and touches me and I can feel it on the inside.. the Spirit level. I have never had this and never knew this was even possible.. and his name is Angel.. lol.. of course.. :) Anyways.. I am so thankful for you Bernadette!! Also.. this was only a 20 minutes session everyone.. so.. be open to miracles! :) xoxo!!! :)"

Samantha Brown

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Esoteric Healing class yesterday. I got so much out of it. I aligned myself a dozen times,”


Olivia Gellis

“I am amazed at the depth of Bernadette Bloom’s healing abilities. To gently steer your loyal subjects away from their dark road and towards the path of peace, joy with renewed confidence is quite remarkable. She changes blight into light with her kind spirit and compassionate energy. Thank you.”


Lydia Lewis

“I took Bernadette’s Esoteric Healing classes and because of what I learned my life has evolved in so many positive ways.  The classes allowed me to experience a shift in consciousness that opened me up to a greater understanding of the world we live in and how to apply healing in every aspect of my life.  I have increased health and I can honestly say that I am better mother, professional and person since taking the classes.  Berndadette is a wonderful teacher/healer with an in depth understanding the human energy field and connection to source.  Her fascinating application of Esoteric healing is taught with an analytical mind and entertaining style.  I respect her work immensely and would recommend this class to anyone willing to improve their life.” 


Maggie Taylor, Strategic Marketing Consultant 

“Monday morning, the day after your class, I woke up in a conscious level that my body was still/quite (sleeping), but I was aware of the senses of my body, also my awareness was somewhere else…I felt like I was dust in the air and each particle of dust had consciousness….I felt it. Suddenly, some part of me was facing and experiencing a fear based situation and immediately before anything happened I would acknowledge the fear and connect with Monad and the Source. All the “history-fear situation” disappeared and then there was ONLY the “connection”….the only truth and reality. I don’t know about time, how long it took or how long the events were, but there were more 2 or 3 different fear based experiences “scenarios.” The pattern was the same, in every fear I perceived  I connected with Monad and the Source and all the scenarios on fear based disappeared and there was ONLY the connection exiting AGAIN & AGAIN ….The “scenarios” will have different faces, places, situations, “GOODS & BADS,” even HIGHEST & LOWEST… It all doesn’t make difference…all of this is still “scenarios” ….  this is because WHEN we are “connected” with the Source, that is all that exists…no more, no less…indescribable, unspeakable and unthinkable. What a lesson!!!! Needless to say any further…”


“It’s been over a year since I had a session with Bernadette and I can say with confidence that she changed my life for the better. When I came to her for a healing I thought I was going to work on becoming more assertive. When we got on the phone, Bernadette started to ask me questions about my personal history. As I was talking we both saw that what I needed work on was much deeper than what I had originally thought.  I was surprised at how quickly she was able to see the underpinnings of what was really causing my problems. The session was unique indeed! Throughout the session Bernadette asked me to concentrate on different aspects of my past. While she was healing me I experiences many new fascinating revelations about me/my life. Although I did not know ahead of time we were healing the pain I had carried with me for over 15 years stemming from my first major heart break as a teen. Sitting in a meditative state I even encounter the spirit of my high school boyfriend’s deceased father. His father came to me and gave me many thanks for helping his family as a teen. He said that I altered the future of his family in a positive way and that yes, indeed it was unfair to place such high (unspoken) expectations/responsibility on a 16 year old teen. Gaining this refreshing new perspective is only a fraction of what occurred in the short time that Bernadette was working on me. To this day I still send Bernadette love and light when I think of the wonderful shift that she helped provide for me on my journey to wholeness!” 

Betsy Cohen, Psychic Medium

I am amazed how quickly a particular change has occurred and incorporated in my life as a result of taking your first class last weekend. Recently, I began hearing my own inner voice and trusting it for guidance.  For some reason I kept straddling the fence or second guessing myself or my decisions. It was an emotional or mental process that was probably necessary for me at the time to help me adjust to the consequence of my actions. This delayed taking action and wasted my time, emotional and mental energy because the inner voice always won the argument. For the past six weeks I have been working on this issue with my psychologist and I was making what I considered significant progress. During the first day of Esoteric Healing Part 1 class, I noticed a release from this belief or habit. I no longer felt a need to argue with myself in these situations. As I said I felt released. I just somehow knew I was changed. Easy to say or think in a class where I am studying and it’s fresh in my mind. The cocoon of the classes ended and the reality my normal life is going on and ONE WHOLE STEP of my mental or emotional process has been eliminated. I hear my inner voice and I do what it says. I don’t question it or ponder any consequence of it, I just do it and respond to life accordingly. The act of questioning or straddling the fence has disappeared. The new response to follow my inner voice without question or argument has become a fact of life for me. There is no more “working at it” to make it a part of my life. For me, that is how I know I have truly changed. I work at change or being changed and when suddenly it is incorporated into my life or comes naturally with no effort, I know the change has become part of me. I would have eventually gotten to this point through therapy, hard work and effort but the Esoteric Healing class did it for me in a 15 minute balance of the Solar Plexus Chakra and its Related Triangles! As you stated frequently in class in many different ways- Esoteric Healing can be the difference between 10 minutes and 10 hours or 10 minutes and 10 weeks or 10 minutes and 10 months or 10 minutes and 10 years, take your pick. Thanks for all of your efforts to share this gift with the world! 



In my work as a project manager, my understanding of Esoteric Healing helps me in many ways… It’s easy for me to balance all aspects of the project including goal management, efficiency, right effort, team member skills and working dynamic. In this way I create teams that are right for the job and for each other, working together for a clearly understood and ever clarified goal. Since beginning my study of Esoteric Healing I have been able to help not only myself but friends and family. This has created a flow and peace in my life that I experience as silent love. I find that using Esoteric Healing concepts in my everyday life allows me to live in a meditative state that fosters right action, service, intuitive connection and abundance awareness. 

E. Wolf, Software Development Project Manager


Meeting Bernadette was a memorable experience for me. I remember just “knowing” somehow that she was grounded in something special that I wanted to know more about. Having been through tremendous stress in the last 2 years, I sensed that my body/mind/spirit needed some in depth balancing or energetic healing. I was thrilled to feel confidence with Bernadette in allowing myself to her judgement as to what my being needed at that particular time and moment. Bernadette blended her well honed modalities, artfully, after assessing what I needed. It’s as if she was doing a well rehearsed dance, which resulted in a more balanced and grounded me. Her work is subtle, but profound, and her credentials speak for themselves.”

Karen L. Beatty, Realtor, Massage Therapist, Esoteric Healing Student


Learning another dimension in healing is exciting. I have had two sessions with Bernadette. The feeling you come away with is amazing. Not only do you feel energized but you have a renewed calmness over your entire body. 

Melissa F.


I have completed 4 levels of Esoteric Healing with Bern. She is a wonderful teacher with a sharp analytical mind but also a loving heart. In the classes I have seen her work with a diverse and sometimes difficult mix of people. She was able to do it with great skill and a kind and loving presence. Over many years I have studied at Omega, The Open Center and many other centers of that caliber. Bern would be a great asset in any Center she taught in. I have recommended her classes to many of my own students who want to expand their healing gifts. Those who have studied with her get back to me to thank me for the connection. 

Rev. Ann Emerson, The Harmony Project


My sessions with Bern have helped ease the way through times of transition and uncertainty in my life, both professionally and personally. The process calms and strengthens my spirit so that I have greater clarity with which to handle the issues before me.” 

Jean Kadela, Early Childhood Music and Movement Teacher


I just wanted to give you the update on the marathon my sister Christie ran this past Sunday. (She has been training since February) I worked on her the week prior and several times on Friday, Saturday, and then during the race on Sunday. She called me on Friday night and said the other two girls she was running with wanted me to work on them too. Her friend Lori had not planned to run because of an injury, but since she had already paid the fee she wanted to at least start. The other girl, Mona, had also recently had problems with her knee and was really not expecting to finish. So, the results are: Mona finished, and didn’t have any pain at all with her injury, the only issue she had was that she got dehydrated, but she finished in 5:19. Lori expected to be able to run about 5 miles, well she ran over 14 which is more than a half-marathon, and with NO PAIN. Then Chrisite finished in just over 2 minutes from her goal of 5 hours. (Fantastic for her age group and experience!) She also had no pain, no dehydration issues, and no discomfort except for the heat. She has never run more than 15 miles without having some sort of pain, (hip, knee, stomach, etc) and usually would just work through it or stop. She said it was so surreal running those last few miles and just passing everyone by and still feeling so good. All three runners were very pleased with their performances, and have not had any pain since the race, only slight discomfort and soreness. A HUGE success for them and for Esoteric Healing!! Here is a photo of the happy runners. Thanks for your support and thanks also for the advice on what areas to work on. It really helped! 

Julie One


When you are ready the teacher will appear and so began Bernadette’s and my relationship via the realm of esoteric work. I arrived in (Southwest) Florida nearly two years ago physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and spiritually weary. Working and living in two worlds: one professional world and one academic.   While repatriating to the United States and not having my life’s partner available on a daily basis, my spirit was split or maybe a more accurate description would be scattered. I had for all practical outward appearances accomplished quite a bit, however internally I had what seemed to be immovable hard, dark, rough places filled with unfinished thoughts and actions, fears of success and unworthiness. I had forgotten how to listen and trust my deep inner wisdom. Through a series of events and a multitude of wonderful people I was guided toward the esoteric philosophy. Through her work with me and the Part I class, Bernadette opened a door and I chose to go through and ‘that has made all the difference.’ For me, the esoteric philosophy and teachings provide a vehicle which integrates knowledge, physicality and spiritual well being – while grounding me. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do. The highest compliment I can pay Bernadette is that she is a marvelous facilitator and thank you for rekindling my passion.


Linda B.

How did it feel to be worked on during Esoteric Healing Class 1? Physically, I could feel energy on, around and inside of me. I felt twitches occasionally; swayed to the point of nearly losing my balance; felt like my feet were ‘rooted’ to the floor, actually part of the floor; pain in particular bones and joints. All of this was occurring as I released or was afraid to release at that time.” Emotionally, I felt the ‘wow’, the ‘neat’, the ‘amazement’, the loving, as well as the fear, the jealousy, the impatience, and the judgmental.   Mentally, I was able to rationalize and categorize and feel, ‘so this is what’s going on and this is where and how I ‘fix’ it’.   Spiritually, I received the message ‘you need to be here, at this time, at this place, and in this space’. I have an understanding of what I need to do in the now for myself and for the collective. 



How wonderful it was to see you yesterday! And I just visited your website. It is really well done! It gave me a much greater understanding of what you do and how much you have dedicated yourself to what you believe in. You know I wish you much success and happiness always… and I love you very much. 




I recently found myself dealing with so many stressful situations at one time that I could barely speak coherently, as well as feeling like I was physically falling apart. I decided to have a treatment with Bernadette, who succeeded in what was nothing short of a miracle. When I sat up following the treatment, I felt like 1000 pounds had been removed from my body. She told me that I would feel better and more relaxed as the day progressed. As the day moved forward I realized that I was actually beginning to feel some serenity, peace and more so a feeling of lightness and happiness. By the time the day was over, I was actually singing and dancing. It was literally a 360 degree turn in a matter of 24 hours. I know that had I taken drugs, I could not have felt more wonderful in such a short period of time. I plan to return to Bernadette’s treatment to alleviate some additional concerns, but truly know that without her wonderful work, I would have found myself in a totally different situation. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and care. You have a wonderful gift and I look forward to taking classes in the future to learn more about how to apply this to my life on a daily basis.

Thank you from my heart, A.K.

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