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On Cancer …


“I have had 24 sessions with Bernadette over the past 5 months, and the money I spent on this energy healing is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I have Stage 4 breast cancer, and Bernadette has been able to shrink my tumors. She also removed some years-old trauma that as deeply embedded in me, so as to clear up my energy. Like magic, after my energy level was brought up, some of my financial issues all solved themselves in very mysterious ways. Yesterday when I came to see Bernadette, I pointed out my 2-inch high heels to her and told her, “I have not been able to wear high heels for years because was am not healthy enough. Now I can wear them again!!! Life again is full of laughter, as it was before . I can’t thank Bernadette enough for bringing back my health, laughter and high heels 🙂 Life is good. Thank you, Bernadette!!!”


Sue Liu

“My husband Arthur Stevens was diagnosed with cancer of the urinary tract. I did esoteric healing on him for three weeks before he went in the hospital. When the biopsy came back there was no evidence of cancer. I was told that I had glaucoma and did esoteric healing on myself for one month before I went to Mass Eye at the Ear Infirmary in Boston. The pressure dropped from 24 to 14 and the doctor there told me that I did not have glaucoma. Thank you God!”

Muriel Stevens


On Diabetes …


I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2003. I was treated with oral glycemic agents; glucophage (which caused explosive diarrhea) and glyburide (which caused excessive weight gain). Neither of these chemical agents were effective in controlling my blood sugar levels. I had a hemoglobin A1c of 16 (normal is below 6.1) and fasting blood sugars between 149 & 263 (normal is 70 – 110).

I took my first Esoteric Healing Part I class with Bernadette in January 2007. It was interesting and I learned a few things but, life happened and I lost interest. In March of 2007 my brother came to visit (he is also an Esoteric Healer). He questioned me about my Esoteric Practices and helped to get me “back on track”.


I started working with the Esoteric Healing more faithfully. A lot of fear and emotional baggage was churned up but, as I dealt with these issues, I noted a change in my body. I had more energy, I felt better, I felt ALIVE and my blood sugars were starting to stay below 100.
I stopped taking my medication. My hemoglobin A1c was dropping and my blood sugars were remaining within normal levels. My physician, knowing what a horrible patient I could be (I am an RN, after all), kept questioning what I was doing different – Are you taking the medication? “No.” Are you watching your diet? “No.” Well, what is it? “I’m balancing my life and my soul. It’s simple.” He still checks my HgA1c every 6 months. It’s remaining below 6.1, as it should be.

Thanks to Esoteric Healing and an Esoteric Life – I am “diabetes” free. I am a soul living in a body that’s MORE healthy than ever before. I have joy, love, grace and peace. AND I have chocolate whenever I want to!

E. Greco RN, “X”- diabetic – Clermont, Florida


On Back Pain …


Did you know that the 2nd most common reason people taketime off from work is Back Pain?

I have had Esoteric Healing treatments for the past two years and have taken classes to learn more about it. It has had such an impact on my life that I am now doing the work and have recently started my own business called “Naturally You Healing”. I have suffered from lower back pain for over 17 years. I learned that my back pain was emotional in nature and the imbalance was released in one appointment. No more lower back pain!!


If you or anyone you know is suffering from emotional or mental stress, trauma, tension, or any type of disease, addiction or pain, this holistic form of treatment can make a difference. Feel free to visit the website of the local INEH Esoteric teacher at


For those of you who have known me for a long time, know that I have always had an interest in helping others. So let this be my gift to you for the New Year. Take this gift of Knowledge and learn more about Esoteric Healing at the upcoming “Talk” in January. It’s FREE and very informative! Happy New Year!!! 

Catherine “Kaz” Finigan, Soul Group of SW Florida
P.S. The Esoteric work is very effective in releasing New York Stock Exchange trauma in case you know of someone suffering in this particular area.


I can honesty say that Bernadette is a miracle worker. As a working mother of two young girls, it’s virtually impossible to find time to relax never mind fit in a treatment. I was lucky enough to meet Bernadette this summer. Her treatment tapped into energy reserves that I didn’t know existed! This treatment was like no other, it was a unique and unforgettable experience.
If you are looking for a rejuvenating spirit and body treatment then go see Bernadette. 

Charlotte Finigan, Esq.


I have had chronic back pain from an old injury suffered in a car accident over 15 years ago. I had a treatment from Bernadette in which she managed to connect the persistence of the injury to other emotional trauma suffered at almost the same time. I found the treatment to be a very relaxing and moving experience that echoed for several days afterwards while diminishing the pain in my back. I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for the injury as well, and I believe Bernadette’s treatment was a very useful and effective adjunct to that treatment, particularly as I have now been able to extend the time between chiropractic visits while still remaining at a much lower and more tolerable pain level.


Scott, partner in a law firm.


I am a 70 year-old man and during 2009/2010 I was in severe pain in the lower back area and was suffering from right side hamstring tightness. I spent two years with physical therapists with marginal results. It appears that only my hamstring tightness was being treated. I knew about Bernadette and she was helping me with esoteric healing which I found to be very beneficial for me. I had previously completed some training myself in this area. One day when I was scheduled for esoteric healing with Bernadette, I told her about my back pain and hamstring tightness. She started working with me in this area. She immediately switched into her physical therapy expertise which dramatically eliminated all my back pain and hamstring tightness. Previously, I was being treated only for the hamstring problem as the issue. Bernadette showed me how it was really treatment for the lower back that was the real issue. As a result, I was able to resume hiking in the White mountains without pain. My back & hamstring have been stable since she worked on me during April 2010 thanks to the stretching program that she prepared for me. Additionally, Bernadette treated other members of my family with similiar positive results. Bernadette is truly a master of her craft that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of physical therapy as well as Esoteric Healing.

Richard, retired technology CEO.


On Rheumatoid Arthritis …


I met Bernadette at a Psychic Faire where we were both participating and sharing a room. I was doing Bio energetic Frequency Enhancement Foot-baths (BEFE) and Bern was doing Cranial/Sacral and Esoteric Healing Work. We swapped treatments and I was bowled over by how powerful it was. The psychic faire was 2 days long and the second day I only had $15 but spent it for $15 worth of healing. My daughter was coming to visit and I made an appointment for her before we left the Faire.

She has been suffering from rapid-onset rheumatoid arthritis and is recovering from near-death in December when all her systems cascaded into failure, one by one. She has been gradually improving and came to visit for a month. She went for the treatment (and another one or two while she was here) and was really helped – she came home saying that she had thought she would never again have relief from the pain in her hips and coccyx and after only one session, was sitting and walking again without pain.


On Asthma …

My son was also visiting at the same time and he has back problems and refuses to go to a doctor. He also went to see Bern (which was nothing short of a miracle) and came back saying, “she doesn’t charge enough for what she does.” Anyhow, my daughter and I both took the first Esoteric Healing class and were very impressed with the level of work we were learning and doing. I have chronic sinusitis and related asthma and bronchitis and was having a lot of trouble breathing when we started the class. By the end of the class, my last wheeze was gone and I have never had that happen before without prolonged steroid usage. I can’t say enough good about Esoteric Healing. It’s amazing work and work of the type that when used regularly can improve your physical health permanently and your spiritual life eternally”. Feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more: 

Linda M.


On Depression …


Bernadette is a gifted instructor who is obviously quite at ease when she is helping others learn. She has such an easy way about her. Taking her class is one of the best things I have done this year. Bern had done a lot to help me to change my life and the way I view my choices in life. She has also helped me to integrate a philosophy on illness that I had ‘learned’ before, but I have been able to begin to use that philosophy in a whole different way now. Kind of the difference between learning and just knowing. I had learned about choice and dis-ease previously, but I feel like now it is deeper into my core – and that if I pay attention to my gut better, I will have a sense of “knowing” that I didn’t have before. Sorry if this is kind of vague. You know how sometimes things are so big they are hard to put into words. You have to experience it for yourself. That is pretty much how I have felt about Bern’s classes. Everyone I know who has taken the classes has seen a profound effect on their lives… but the effect has been different for everyone. Basically, there WILL be shifts in your life. How the shift shows up in your life is different for everyone. But there will be shifts. Sometimes they are huge and loud…sometimes they are softer and subtler. But, one thing for sure, if you feel like your life is missing something. If you kind of walk around feeling like life is passing you by and you thought there was more to it. These classes will get you moving into a different direction. Personally, I have gotten off of antidepressants that I have been on for years and years (I know that depression is a choice I don’t need to make – and that I was beyond needing the medication anyway, just afraid to let go of it). I have gotten off of Ritalin that I had been on for several years (I have a much better ability to focus now) and mostly, I have begun to take the journey into opening up my heart again after many years of being shut down. I can’t tell you what the profound effect will be in your life, I can tell you that everyone has been affected – and some people have made huge changes in their lives since the classes. Just from my class alone, three of us stopped our antidepressants right after part one – I didn’t even know till later that others had also. All I can say is that meeting Bernadette and taking her classes and getting to know her has changed my life. It just doesn’t get any bigger than that!! There are very few aspects of my life that are unchanged since the classes. 

Betty A.


Other Medical and Health Care Testimonials


“There are no words to describe what Bernadette does, because it is completely “out of this world” how she is able to heal others. I went from having a block from a trauma, that lasted YEARS and created a physical ailment. Within a week, the world suddenly looked like a new place. Within a month, I had begun work writing a new play about the very same trauma that had me stuck. Her ability to heal you through your higher powers is just short of miraculous. I said to Bernadette after our session, “It must be very frustrating to be able to do what you do, and to have to wait for people to come to you for help.” I can not imagine anyone’s life would not get better after working with her. If you are waiting for something before trying a session, wait no more– GO!!! Experiencing is believing, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.”
Michelle Best

In the past 1 1/2 years I have taken 5 esoteric healing weekend workshops. This work has given me a clear appreciation and understanding that behind my every physical symptom there is an underlying emotional issue and a belief system that no longer serves. Through this work I have acquired the tools to explore my dis-ease and heal on a deeper level. An example of a long- standing problem that has greatly improved is my jaw; after many years of being misaligned it has come into alignment , and my TMJ has gotten substantially better. Overall I am happier, healthier, less fearful, and more confident in every way. I feel more empowered in my own spiritual journey and have a greater appeciation and understanding of the dynamics of soul based healing. As a bonus I continue to meet friends and healers, and we support each other on this journey.

Fran Reilly, MSW, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki Master


I am a therapist and had some physical problems after being involved in a car accident. I was referred to Bernadette after a whiplash injury which left me with dizziness when changing positions, ie. from laying down to sitting up, sit to stand, etc. I had tried various procedures, thinking at first it was an inner ear problem. When I met Bernadette she knew immediately after speaking with me what the problem was and after one treatment it was totally gone. Since that time, I have seen her as a patient and also taken part one and two of the esoteric healing classes. I was taking Synthroid for a Thyroid problem and that also is improving, allowing me to decrease the amount of Synthroid needed. Her work has also helped me to decrease stress through difficult personal times and also, as noted above, physically improve my health. The classes have expanded my view of spirituality and healing. It is amazing work and is a wonderful way to improve your life.

Saralane Harrer


During levels I and II of my esoteric healing education, the classes were held in an environment with little to no distraction. I had trouble hearing even with my hearing aids. In the interim, I have done much self work and found myself working with the throat chakra. During level III, this past September, in the yurt with fans blowing and AC units rumbling, I and others observed that I was hearing better. Balance and blessing for me. 

Namaste, Joan E.


After taking Bernadette’s class and being treated by her I feel like I have a whole new way of approaching stress in my life. This work is deeply spiritual and real and is unlike anything else I’ve tried before. When Bernadette started working with me I was on thyroid medication and felt “out of balance” physically and emotionally. In about 6 sessions I noticed subtle, natural feeling changes in my emotional state and my “fogginess” and extreme fatigue started to lift. The spinal and myo-fascial pain that was bothering me for so long completely disappeared. I am now off thyroid meds and my blood levels are normal.

I began to feel empowered and things in my life that seemed too painful to face suddenly seemed more approachable.
After taking level 1 esoteric healing with Bernadette I noticed that my thoughts are clearer and decision making is easier. My passion for life (the kind I remember as a child) is returning and I feel more emotionally balanced than I have in a really long time. I now use the work on my patients with orthopedic problems and I’m amazed at the results so far. I am fortunate to have worked with Bernadette because I have grown so much.

Shira Mosbacher,  P.T.


I was first introduced to the ideas and practical uses of Esoteric Healing through my husband, Michael. He had been suffering from a lower back disc problem for several months. His doctor suggested that he seek alternative medicine if he did not want to go under the “knife.” He eventually found Bern Bloom and began receiving treatment from her. At the end of two months his backed was healed. He said, “All I know is that it works.” I then began my studies of Esoteric Healing (attending 5 levels of course work) and I have found many practical uses for this study of energy healing. Each day I incorporate the various exercises and techniques to help myself, husband and children with any “dis-ease” that we encounter. 

Monica Deane


Esoteric Healing philosophy has helped to realize that I didn’t need to be taking antidepressant medication anymore. I was way past really needing it, I was just afraid to come off of it. I was healed but had not even realized it. I no longer had depression ~ I just had to change my fear based thoughts. 



Hi Bern! I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while now. I just wanted to tell you that rarely a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I used to be in pain on a constant basis. Now its an occasional occurrence – and when I do feel poorly I’m even more thankful remembering and being amazed that used to be my norm. You have helped me tremendously and significantly improved the quality of my life. Thank you 🙂 Take care! 



I just finished taking part one of Esoteric Healing this past weekend. I walked into the class as probably the only skeptic among the group. I had never had esoteric healing done to me personally or known anyone that had received the treatment themselves. All I knew is that I had a friend that told me this is what I need to take. That was all. The class is over now. I woke up this morning and miss having a group meditation and the power that brings. I worked on my husband Saturday evening and Sunday evening. This morning he told me that his chronic shoulder pain is now just a little stiff. That he slept through the night without waking up in pain for the first time in a long while.
That is all the proof I need. I barely know what happened or how it possibly could work I just know he feels better and I believe in what I have just barely begun to learn. I have barely scratched the surface. Something has and has to continue happening. My next hope is that my grandmother will benefit from what has been revealed to myself. I believe it is important for other people to realize there are no qualifications. You don’t have to be a master, therapist, doctor or spiritual guru all you need is an open mind and the rest follows. Thanks!!! 

Maggie B., Bonita Springs, Florida


After taking Bernadette’s part I and II classes, I’ve been using the work on a five year old boy with Asperger’s syndrome. After about seven 30 minute sessions his parents and special education teacher noticed a big difference. His social skills improved and he began to express himself differently in the classroom. At home his mother reported he became calmer and more alert. I noticed that he was displaying more tolerance for sitting and coloring quietly instead of his usual swaying and jumpiness throughout the session. From an art therapy perspective, his free association drawings became larger, more detailed and more colorful as well as his verbal explanations of them. I also noticed improved eye contact and he seemed calmer overall.

The last time I worked with him he said things like “how much longer will this be, this is so boring”, etc…which reminded me of a typical five year old. The goal of the upcoming year will be to continue the esoteric healing on a weekly basis in conjunction to the special ed services he is receiving and mainstream him into the regular school system.

I intend to continue with Bernadette’s classes and combine esoteric healing with my physical therapy background. I am simply amazed at what I’ve seen so far, in this case as well as other people I’ve worked with. 

Shira Mosbacher, P.T.


Why peel the onion from the outside when you can peel it from the inside….

Kelley Jepson – Dec 2, 2009


I just completed the 3 day intensive with Bernadette and witnessed the levels of healing that went in myself and with the others. I sit here, day 2, after doing my morning meditation and feel so connected with the source and such fullness from everything that I am experiencing with God in life and as I learned from this weekend the Monadic levels of consciousness.

A brief history: 10 years ago (9-18-2001 one week after 9-11) a tumor was discovered en-wrapped within the spinal cord. No small tumor, it was 3″x 3/4″ embedded like a sausage applying pressure to spinal nerves. Removed, benign and some minor side after affects. Went on with life as usual. I was not listening or communing with God in anyway other than everyday life – workaholic. Dec 2004 BOOM ! ! I went into paralysis from the waist down. The wake up call sounded. The last 6 years have been filled with an unfoldment of a spiritual awakening that could only have been orchestrated by the Divine and noone/nothing else. Presently I need 2 canes to get around and had many challenges to get to where I am today but if not for this incredible experience I could have been killed by the habitual patterns I had set up for myself in the form of self sabotage, anger and resentment. That I held onto for 50 years and who knows how many past lives. Our physical bodies our the last cry for help to connect with God in the deep way desired. When imbalances reach the physical level it is a red light high alert status that we need to tend to our Self in a quick fashion. I heard the alarm. This weekend all this was cleared up and there is such clarity and sense of “wiping the mirror” clean that I can only be exuberant and diligent about this practice for myself, my classmates and the good of the world at large. I have been blessed to experience a huge challenge and over come it in a magical way. Many others would have succumbed to a wheel chair and pain killers. I could not and I am so blessed to have reached where I am today. This weekend was intense and thanks to the grace of God it was magical and powerful because it works and it needed to be heard by each of us. Bernadette, Consuelo, Eleni and Vernie let us continue to meditate with the Monadic and do treatments and help raise the vibration of humanity. To you others I invite you to contact me to be added to my morning meditation. May we hold our head high in the light of god when all darkness seems to be blanketing our path. With unending love and service to the Divine goddess within I send you all love. 

In Joy, William

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