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The Martin Project


It has been one year since my son Martin, began seeing Bernadette Bloom for esoteric healing.  He has progressed a lot since then. The school teachers and therapists did not know that Martin had started seeing her weekly, and in May they said that he “suddenly decided to cooperate” (after 5 years of a lot of behavior problems).

Martin went from a child who would shout, attack people in the supermarket, bite to tear his shirts and pee and poop on his bed to now being able to keep all his shirts intact and not need chewy bar for months. He can now stay calm and happy when we are in the community and sit in the church for 3 hours straight (Chinese sermon followed by English sermon) without disturbing the congregation.


In the past, we could not go to anybody’s house for dinner and when we went to a restaurant, he would leave as soon as he finished his food.  This New Year was the first time that we were able to go to a friend’s house for dinner with every member of our family including Martin; he behaved so well with the crowd…. and stayed calm until we left at11pm.


Martin went from disorganized, aggressive, impulsive,  to now being very connected, happy, patient, and he is even helping me with chores.  We had many crisis in between, but Bernadette has always been able to decipher what was happening and point me in the right direction.

If your child has similar problems as my son, please give esoteric healing a try. I saw her first to determine if the therapy was effective or not before investing the time and money to bring my son to see her.  I also took classes to learn the technique so I could apply it with my family.  Bernadette is very generous and willing to pass down all her techniques.

Cristina Lee, Chappaqua, NY


After Years of Infertility, Miracle Daughters

Back in 2009, I recall that I was searching for something more in my life. Not that I wasn't happy… I had a wonderful husband and son, we had a good and enjoyable family business based in Naples, Florida. However, I felt something missing. I longed to be more authentic to myself and others. I realized I was living in a superficial world. That's when I luckily was introduced to Bernadette Bloom and her work with esoteric healing energy and balancing of the energetic chakras that exist within each of us. Once the 7 chakras are in full balance a more soul filled fulfilling life can be led. For me, I had an 8-year-old son. My husband and I had wanted more children but that was just wasn't happening. 3 months into working with Bernadette, I found out that I was pregnant. Since beginning esoteric work, I now have two daughters and have become real to myself and others. My world now is about helping to truly serve others. Living in a world that is satisfying not with material things but with living a soul filled life. I 100% endorse the work and the quality in Bernadette's treatments.  


Joanne Jimenez

Gratitude of a Chappaqua Mom

The Center of Aligned Healing in the town and Bernadette have played a very important role in my healing process. I had been carrying a lot of weight as mom of 3 kids including one with no speech and who needs total assistance for every daily needs. No doctor could have help me in such a deep way as Bernadette did. I was suffering intense back pain, sleep disorder, eating disorder, depression etc. and was starting to see physical signals of health problems. Bernadette facilitated the shifting of all of them, and now I’m even learning with her to work on my own son. And Martin is improving incredibly, he used to have lot of problem behaviors. Now he is always smiling and being so happy. He has so much peace and harmony. All the practitioners and teachers in the center are wonderful. Even the person who designs the website is amazing~ (illustrator Rayna Sassano)…. They are really a great resource for our town. Article in NewCastleNOW  Christina


HEALTH – On a spiritual level, I offer heartfelt thanks to esoteric healing practitioner Bernadette Bloom who has been working diligently to integrate the minds, bodies and spirits of my two babies and my guy, who is now on his second level of training with this powerful healer. I have always been open to transformational modalities that can demonstrate real shifts and am thrilled to see the difference Bernadette is making with my family. (as excerpted from Shira Adler‘s blog:


I have been working with Bernadette for about 10 years. I have grown so much emotionally since we started. Instead of being a follower all my life I now feel so much more confident and secure in everything I do. I was able to face big fears and make changes in my life that I never thought I can. I am much more in touch with my intuition and creativity now. Life just became more interesting since my “eyes” opened up and I can see the blessings and wonders unfolding around me. The awareness of self in the process of my life is a beautiful feeling that I appreciate daily. Brernadette’s work has helped me become a better practitioner and guide to my patients, friends and family. I am much less blocked and can “hear” the guidance of those trying to offer constructive advise. The best feeling is not having to bounce every idea off of someone else…but to come to conclusions on my own. This self empowerment feels like maturing with ease and grace. I have a stronger backbone, and now get less ruffled my darts that are thrown at me. It’s become easier to >control my negative emotions and lift my spirits up when I need to. I am so grateful to have met Bernadette. She is truly special.



Most recently, I took an advanced class with Bernadette. I immediately worked on my 5 year old daughter who struggles in many ways.. she was born premature and received all kinds of therapies for 3 years. She is now having some trouble integrating into the mainstream school system. After I worked on her, the next morning I noticed she didn’t cry for 20 minutes as she usually does. Instead she said “Mommy, looks like youre getting ready for work”. In the days to come, Tamara proved to be much more reasonable; there were temper tantrums but they were less intense and much shorter. She brushed her teeth and took her baths without the usual resistance, went to sleep earlier and did not wake up with any night terrors. The greatest surprise was when I went to the parent teacher conference and the teacher told me that something different happened on Friday. She showed me Tamara’s handwriting. At least half of the letters were upside down or sideways and she wrote many of the wrong letters in the wrong boxes. On Friday, it looked like a different child with a different handwriting did the same assignment but this time it was perfect. The teacher was very pleased but surprised and said “it’s amazing how she finally got it…” that was the Friday after she had esoteric healing. Since that one treatment, Tamara continues to complain less and listen more at home… I continue to have regular sessions myself because I know it keeps me moving forward in life! 


Shira Mosbacher

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