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Bernadette Bloom

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Package A

Item 1 - Advanced Spiritual Alignment With The Masters - Mp3

Building The Rainbow Bridge to Higher States of Consciousness. Raise your vibration to a different level of consciousness (learn how to see things differently) Also included learn how to connect with the Spiritual Masters and the 5 planetary centers.

Item 2 - The Ajna - Mp3 

That the Ajna (Brow Chakra) is NOT the same as the 3rd Eye. Everyone has an Anja but not everyone has a 3d eye. Some 3rd eyes are bigger than others. Discover the difference! Enjoy an in depth exploration of this chakra and how it is used in manifestation and why someone would have a closed Ajna. 

Item 3  - The Head Centers - Mp3

All of the major Chakras are located on the Head. Learn why these centers are different and the significance that they are on the Soul level.

Item 4 - The Crown Chakra - Mp3

The Crown Chakra, also known as the Divine Spiritual Blue Print, is your connection to the divine. Learn what it controls and some of the physical imbalances that can be created by a blocked crown chakra.

Item 5- An Advanced teaching on the Importance of the Alta Major Minor - Mp3

Learn how the Alta Major Minor, also known as the conflict center, affects the physical body, what it energizes and why it's so important to balance this center.

Item 6 - Cliff notes of the Seven Chakras- Mp3

Learn what color, system, and gland is associated with each Chakra and its Esoteric significance

Item 7 - The 5 Stages of Soul Awareness - Mp3

Each of these five stages corresponds to a specific level of development in capability and self-awareness within the individual soul.  Become familiar with each stage's focus and the typical learning experiences associated with it.

Item 8 - The Seven Rays - Mp3 

The Seven Rays are also know as the Seven Spirits From God. Learn which Ray is associated with each Chakra and how the subtle bodies have a different Ray makeup. A surgeon's Ray makeup is different than an artist. A chef's ray makeup is different that an accountant. Discover the difference!

Item 9 - The Energetics of Fibromyalgia - Mp3

Learn the difference between Healing and Curing Fibromyalgia, the many possible energetic blockages that can create this Dis-ease AND how to truly heal.