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Good Vibes Only with the Healing Sock - Organic Hudson Valley Magazine July 2020

You've heard about wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about your feet? The Healing Sock ($16–$18) from the JJ Esoteric Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, is all about bringing positivity to the wearer and those around them. That’s a good thing, because there’s growing research showing that cynicism, anger and a general negative attitude can not only make us feel mentally crummy but physically ill.

Conceived during a hospital stay, creator Bernadette Bloom put the words love and joy on her footwear. She was pleased but not surprised when staff members kept commenting on her feet. One nurse said, “Those love and joy socks make me smile,” to which Bernadette replied, “That’s the idea!”

A holistic physical therapist and founder of the foundation, she’s well versed in the role that energy plays in the healing process. Before adding the titles medical intuitive, energy healing practitioner/teacher and esoteric healer to her professional resume, she spent years suffering from back pain. Empathetic toward her patients who couldn’t recover through traditional means, she began searching for alternative approaches. She discovered esoteric healing, a high-vibration technique based on Tibetan philosophy–channeled material. Unlike Western medicine where symptoms are treated (such as taking aspirin for a headache), esoteric healing addresses the root cause of illness by removing blockages of energy flow within the seven chakras.

Of all the energy modalities she had worked in, Bernadette found that she and her clients experienced true relief through esoteric healing. As she continued, she discovered that much of people’s pain came from unresolved trauma manifesting as physical problems.

“There are different levels of chakras, and they get blocked because of what is going on in [one’s] life,” she explains. “Or you haven’t been able to express it externally, so [it’s] turned into an internal situation.” But releasing trauma or blocked energy is only part of it. Surrounding yourself with positive vibrations is also important.

“[Energy] makes up who we are,” Bernadette says. “Everything has a vibration.” Some vibrations are low (like anger, guilt, fear), she explains, while others (love, peace, neutrality) are higher. “If you’re in a high vibration, you can pull up somebody who’s in a negative one.”

Elevating others to a higher place creates a positive environment, which is far more conducive to healing than one where bitterness and hostility can be felt as soon as you enter the room. It’s the reason she chose love and joy for her socks and encourages clients to put on the words when having surgery, in addition to everything they eat and drink.

“Joy is the level of healing, and everyone wants love in their lives, so that was kind of a no-brainer.”

The way a thoughtful gesture or smile can shift one’s day in the right direction, Healing Socks are designed with the same intention. Coming in blue (the color of the throat chakra) and purple (representing the crown chakra), they have Joy boldly printed on the front and Love on the back. They’re lightweight, non-slip and made from recycled yarn. “Energy follows thought,” she points out, and hopes that through the Healing Sock, her foundation can continue spreading positive, healing vibrations to others through esoteric teachings.

Socks can be purchased through their website at

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