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My Pre/Post Surgery Esoteric Healing Experience

I was minding my own business Saturday with my brand new roller blades in my rented condo complex. Ha, I saw a car slowly approach, I promptly fell on my left hand side elbow and hit the left side of my head. I tried to get up with my left arm and was greeted with searing numbing pain. I slowly was pulled up by the driver of the car into a standing position and slowly roller bladed up to the condo. Immediately applied ice to the elbow and my head and using esoteric healing to take out the trauma and reduce swelling and bruising. I called a friend of mine in Florida and asked her to do the same. I continued to ice it the rest of the evening in addition to arnica homeopathic remedy pellets and gel applications. Feeling pretty good the next day teaching my healing class. All the members of the class worked on me with the intention of restoring function and reducing swelling. It was an amazing day. Following the class the group returned the teaching space to a treating space. So I didn’t have to lift any furniture myself. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. The next day I felt great the swelling was down, the bruising was down, I had little to no pain. The range of motion had improved. I had significantly improved.

The next day, Monday, I listened to my soul’s guidance and decided to get a check up from my primary care physician. She told me that my arm looked great, she thought it was just a bone bruise but wanted to send me to an x-ray. That’s when I heard the radiologist say “uh oh” . The next thing I know, I am in the car being driven to an orthopedist. He looked at me straight in the eye after taking multiple x-rays. He looked me straight in the eye and tells me that I broke my olecranon process of the elbow “part of the ulna bone” completely in 2 places. I needed surgery and he was free on Thursday.

Between Monday and Thursday I got as much esoteric healing as I could to fortify the bone. Continued to reduce swelling and keep strength in my muscles and not have any pain. I did the best that I could to keep a full case load with my clients. There was no need for me to take off work because I felt great.

Thursday came, and I connected spiritually with everyone that I was going to come into contact that day and asked for the highest and best good for that day. In addition, I asked that as much spiritual energy would come through everyone and go into my arm, including the anesthesiologist, the surgeon and support staff.

I was out of recovery in 26 minutes. I had multiple nerve blocks but I had no pain and no swelling and no bruising afterwards. Thursday following surgery, I had another esoteric healing session where I was relaxing in my back yard getting some sun to hasten the recovery of the plate and 7 screws needed to repair the physical fracture, taking the remaining anesthesia out of my system and restructuring the lines of energy, also known as nadis back to optimum functioning. I was able to work all day Friday with no pain or restriction except for the splint. And attend my beloved Clearwater Festival on the mighty Hudson River in NY. I am truly grateful for this work and the people that have helped me on this journey.

I remain in service to the work


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