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Free Talk on The Antahkarana/Rainbow Bridge on Soul Talk Tuesday, January 16, 2018 @ 7pm EST

2017 was a dramatic year. So to start the new year off right I'd like to bring attention to some of the most important components required to creating a soul filled life which are study, service and meditation.

Join me for a FREE live talk with Patty Malek on Soul TalkTuesday January 16th at 7pm EST and learn how Esoteric Healing can create a spiritual path to higher consciousness that strengthens your soul connection. On this call I'll discuss:

What the antahkarana /rainbow bridge is

How to build it to the soul and then to the Monadic plane.

Meditation study and service are the keys to discovering this mystical experience. A Q&A session will follow so listeners will be able to ask me questions. Whether it's about getting healthier, healing an emotional trauma, or the esoteric significance of dis-ease, I'll cover it all.

Registration for the show is FREE! You can sign up HERE.

Everyone who registers will have access to a very Special Offer I've created which includes a 8 channeled teaching/series from myself and the Tibetan Djwhal Khul and a discounted personal healing session for a limited time only. Click HERE for more details!

So sign up today and come play with us in this new energy of unlimited possibility. Another world is possible for 2018!

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