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Putnam Valley 7th Annual Psychic Fair - October 15, 2016

Medical Intuitive / Teacher / Energy Healer Bernadette Bloom will be offering 20 Minute Energy Healing Sessions for $25. (Regular prices are $160 for hour and a ½)

What to expect during your session at the fair?

During the session, Bernadette will ask for the highest and best good to happen for you!

The type of energy medicine Bernadette practices is called Esoteric Healing. It’s a high vibrational energetic technique that originated from Tibet that quickly, easily and naturally balances your body’s bio-electric field. It helps the energy flow into your chakras, then into your mental and emotional levels, and finally into your body. When the chakras are balanced, they influence the nervous system, endocrine system, the blood, glands and organs.

As your energy becomes balanced; you will feel better and will begin to make positive changes and choices that influence how you live your daily life. Traumatic events can also be removed from your energy system if you choose.

For more information please call 239-289-3744 or email

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