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Sign-Up for the New You, New Castle 31-Day Challenge January 1-31st, 2016

The Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce has created a fun and simple business-to-consumer program for the month of January:

New You, New Castle

31-Day Challenge: Embrace a Happier, Healthier More Balanced You.

This program will be promoted on Facebook and will be a low-cost way for you to list and promote your business. To participate, simply create an offer of a “31 Day Challenge” and a small prize for those who complete your challenge during the month of January.

Customers will be able to download a calendar (see below) from our Facebook page, and then, log in their progress to receive a prize directly from your business if they choose and complete your specific challenge.

Send us your 31 Day Challenge offer TODAY! Your challenge can focus on anything! Here are some examples:

Financial Advisor – organize your bills and accounts

Book Store – read for 15 minutes before bed and put away your cell phone

Food Market – shop for healthier food items

Personal Trainer – get up 15 minutes earlier to do sit-ups

Dentist – floss twice a day

Timeline for this program:

In December:

*Participating businesses submit their 31-Day Challenge and list their prize through the month of December.

*Businesses are welcomed and encouraged, to submit fun facts, tips and info that we can post on the New You Facebook page throughout the month along with your logo and business contact info

In January:

*We will continue to post tips and info from businesses

*Customers will contact the business directly to present their calendar (preview below) and collect their prize.

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