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Conversation Concerto Telecall – Topic CHANGE

April 28, 2016 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Cost: Free

Monthly Global Telecall with Victoria and Ron Friedman

Each month we dialogue with a featured guest at the leading edge of evolutionary spirituality, followed by a group exploration of the critical issues being considered. Experience the Vistar Method for Collective Awakening and Conscious Conversation.

APRIL 28th’s Telecall will feature PRESENTERS from the Coalition of Co-Creator’s LAUNCH EVENT – “CHANGE -CHANGING – CHANGED” scheduled for May 14th at the Wainwright House in Rye NY


The Souloists

ALAN STEINFLED has been the host and producer of the New Realities television show for the past 15 years for Time/Warner television in New York City. In that time he has produced over 2000 interview programs with the leading-edge thinkers, scientists, artists, paradigm shifters and religious leaders from around the world.

JOAN CARRA is a gifted psychic and medium. She is recognized in books, magazines and newspapers. Mystic Bop is a collection of Joan’s recorded metaphysical poems and meditations. She teaches psychic development and does medium circles. She predicted in the N.Y. Daily News the terrible floods of New York City.

JOANNE KEANE is an Inspired Healer, Teacher and Artist. She coaches, runs workshops in Yoga, JourneyDance & Intuitive healing. She takes people into their past to heal it. Through her Shamanic and Healing Arts studies she has learned to use magic & science to harnessing the Power of the Universe to shift the Mind and Body and future on all levels. Go to , or

REGGIE MARRA is the author of And Now, Still: Grave and Goofy Poems, and 6 other titles, Reggie is an Integral Master Coach™ and Creative Director at Teleosis Institute. He engages poetry, coaching and narrative healing to alleviate his own and others’ unnecessary suffering.

JANE GIGNOUX is theauthor of An Insistence on Life: Releasing Fear of Death to Fully Live and Some Folk Say: Stories of Life, Death, and Beyond, She offers workshops, courses and talks on: “Embracing Life, Death and Beyond;” “Stories that Heal;” “Visions and Stories of the Afterlife;”

EILEEN O’HARE is a teacher of the Bundled Mesa Healing Tradition from the Q’ero Nation in the Andes of Peru. She founded The Mesayok Medicine Spiral Healing Community in Beacon, NY. co-created The Andean Healing Energy Cards and music CDs to assist people in the shamanic healing arts and co-leads BlisSing, a sacred chanting group.

DAPHNE DIXON is an eco-entrepreneur/environmentalist who has been working closely with sustainability leaders, businesses, and community members to raise awareness about resilient communities and to engage people in green-living practices. She is Executive Director of Conscious Decisions, Co-founder of Live Green Connecticut and Executive Director of Green Coast Awards.

BERNADETTE BLOOM is a medical intuitive, teacher, practitioner and a licensed physical therapist for 39 plus yrs. Bernadette has a rich background in Tai Chi, Reiki, and meditation and worked with NIH. She is the founder of the JJ Esoteric Foundation, a 501c3 as well as the Center for Aligned Healing in Chappaqua, NY.

Taking place at the spectacular setting of Wainwright House in Rye, NY, this is a Day Journey through many collective healing and transformational modalities for Change! TOGETHER we can accelerate personal changes, effect conscious change in our communities and add to the global movement toward a positive future. Sponsored by Vistar Foundation and Wainwright House

The Coalition of Co-Creators, an initiative of Vistar Foundation, is composed of individuals and organizations that seek to support inter-community conscious culture.

Contact Information phone: 203-322-8974

For more info on the May 14th event click HERE

Register for the April 28th Telecall HERE

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