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Energy Medicine for the 21st Century Part 1 Class January 25, 2014 (Naples, FL)

Welcome to the Journey of Soul Focused Living and Healing!

Come on an exciting adventure into the world of Vibrational Living and Healing. Learn to bring balance and ease to the body, mind, and spirit via the electromagnetic field also called the aura. The intended audience is all people who are interested in becoming empowered using the holistic model in their life and health. Learn how to raise your vibration in one day to a different level of consciousness.

During this course you will:

* Be introduced to the chakra system and how it influences the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the total being;

* Directly sense the energy field, detect imbalances within the field and correct them according to the person’s highest good;

* Have your manifestation Chakras balanced;

* Use these techniques in everyday life in any occupation;

* Help in planetary healing through individual and group work.

This is an amazing journey and it is fun and practical.

For further information or to register please contact: Catherine Nuccio 239-289-9119

You must meet with Catherine individually before class

Payment plans available via the honor system.

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