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Comparing Esoteric Healing with Reiki by Roger Meinke

First of all, let me explain that I have been using Reiki for at least 2 years and have practiced the art consciously and consistently for that same time period. We have Reiki night at the Unity church where I have attended for three years and have had the privilege to work on many people.

What I have discovered is the difficulty of being specific with the location and the understanding of where the Reiki is going and how I control the effects of the energy. In other words, if I sense that you have a need for work in the pancreas or gallbladder – how do I know that this is where the energy is working or is it going to the elbow or to the liver?

Just to answer my own question, I don’t, and I don’t know the results of the Reiki either — did it actually do any good even if it did get there?

So my description of Reiki – it is like “pouring God’s healing love over you like a large bucket of golden honey. It will go where it decides, and except for a warm hug at the end of the session, I may not know anything about the results until later – when the person explains what they felt. A healing could happen much later.

So now enter The Esoteric Healing modality.

My hands are much more sensitive to energy because of my Reiki gifts and I can “feel” the levels of the energy bodies. By aligning my soul with the other person’s soul and asking for the highest good to come forth in the healing session, I have gained access to the energies above the soul and into the higher realms of that person. We now have access to the highest and finest energies and allow that energy to come through the layers and into the physical body. The Esoteric Healing model allows me to be very specific as to where I may work.

If, for instance, the person has problems with their liver – you may think “balance liver”, remember “Energy Follows Thought”, and you can actually feel the energy flow through their layers and into their physical body. You may do this process with all the organs, digestive systems, lymphatic systems, respiratory systems and on and on. Just in Part One of the Esoteric Healing class, there are 50 plus areas that you can specifically go to and work on to help this person to achieve better health.

This information is related to Esoteric Healing Part One class only. There are 8 more levels or courses in addition to Part One and they are even more specific. They cover other areas of the physical body including ways to work on fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancers etc.

So my question to you is: Which would you rather use? A bucket of water or a fine laser to help someone. I hope this helps make things a little clearer for you and your friends.

Laugh with God and Dance with Angels,

Roger Meinke

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