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The Energetics of Addiction: How the Chakras Play a Role

According to Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, known for his teachings on Esoteric Healing, addictions are blocked heart chakra issues. The heart chakra is a vortex, or wheel, of life force energy that deals with unconditional love, grief, group consciousness and whatever is most dear to us. In order to have a non-addicted life, the heart chakra needs to be congruent with the brow chakra.

Despite what many believe, the ajna, or brow chakra, is not the same thing as the so-called third eye. While everyone has an ajna chakra, not everyone has a third eye, which only gets developed as a result of doing deliberate spiritual work. While the ajna chakra gets spiritual messages all the time when it is open, we get misdirected when it is closed.

Ideas from spirit come in from the ajna chakra, and the heart chakra must be aligned with them. If not, the heart chakra sends the message back to the ajna chakra, which then returns it. If congruence does not occur, the unused energy is grabbed by the throat chakra, which is concerned with expression, and becomes an addiction, which then drops down to the sacral chakra to manifest in physical form. Common addictions include alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping, computers, sex, anger and working or exercising to excess.

Each time the addiction occurs we get further and further away from what caused it. I personally recall a time when, upset about a relationship in the middle of winter, I calmly ate one chocolate kiss after another until the whole bag was empty. I went to bed mad at myself for eating the whole bag of candy and still loaded with unprocessed grief. This is not to say that we should never grieve, but when we stay there and pick up an addiction to cover it we are hurting ourselves and the world.

Putting down the addiction will “cure” it, but it will not heal the underlying reasons. One must be taken back to the time of any unexpressed or unprocessed grief or trauma, evaluate each chakra to see which level is most involved, remove the energy of the traumatic event and bring in a higher vibration to replace it. Practitioners guiding this process must use soul energy to remove the trauma, as emotional or mental energy will not do it.

In Esoteric Healing there are many areas of the body that deal with trauma. Two of the most common are the solar plexus, which deals with daily shocks to self-esteem and personal power, and the basic, or root, chakra for life threatening shocks, whether real or perceived. If shock turns into grief, it can get lodged in the heart chakra and the addiction begins.

The addiction triangle itself involves the throat, sacral and basic chakras. The throat chakra needs to get really strong and clear to express the energy of “No” that can bring us back into present time, where there is healing and power to change the addiction. The basic chakra will raise the level of addiction back to the crown chakra, which will bring in spiritual energy to heal it. It is very important that the person feels supported during this process, and there are many energetic methods to bring in support. Healing an addiction will give the person joy in their life and in the world.

Bernadette Bloom is a medical intuitive, teacher, practitioner and physical therapist. For more information, visit or call 239.289.3744.

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