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Trick or Treat? An Esoteric Experience (Energy Medicine for the 21 Century)

As a medical intuitive and energy facilitator, many times clients come to me for assistance with problems in their lives. Some of these problems may include anxiety, overwhelming fear, to find a better job, to heal a sore back, to heal diabetes, autism, or cancer. I work with my clients to reveal the hidden aspects of health. There is an esoteric aspect to almost any subject – that is, an aspect not obvious until you study it in greater depth.

Consider for a moment that the problems we encounter in our lives can be perceived as “tricks”. According to the osteopathic literature, pain is considered the great masquerader, the “trick”. Is there a “treat” hidden behind the “trick” that we are experiencing? Albert Einstein said no problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. If you can adjust your level of consciousness to allow healing to occur, this is the “treat” in Esoteric Healing.

So, how does this work? Do we need to cure the trick? Or to heal the treat? What is the difference? Literally the word cure is defined as “to relieve the symptoms of a disease or condition”. (Like an aspirin does for a headache, if you are lucky.) Yet, true healing occurs when there is an understanding of what is causing the pain and why is it affecting a person. What is the pain showing you? If the pain is the “trick”, uncovering and understanding the meaning behind the pain, well, this is the “treat”.

Balancing the bio-electric field (energy field of the body causes a release in the underlying trauma and a treat AKA no pain!

The following are some examples of “Trick or Treat” from an Esoteric perspective. I invite you to open your heart and mind as you read these examples:

Trick or Treat? Tara came to see me to fix her lower back pain. During her session she uncovers that she has been carrying her ex-business partner for the last 10 year on her back (metaphysically, of course). The treat occurs when Tara understands this is the cause and she lets go of her anger towards her ex-business partner. In turn, her back pain disappears. What a treat!

Trick or Treat? Doug had a cold on and off for months and all of the standard cold and cough medicines did not work. After one Esoteric Healing session, Doug understands that he has been mad at his wife for something she did 4 months ago. The Treat is to understand, forgive, and let it go. When Doug lets the anger towards his wife go, his cold is healed.

Trick or Treat? Barbara has a chronic bladder infection and during her Esoteric Healing session she uncovers that she has been quite literally “pissed off” at her mother-in-law for the poor choice she made concerning the flowers she bought at her wedding. And this was 5 yrs. ago! As she understands that she is carrying this around and asks herself, “How important is this?” She releases her grudge towards her mother in law and relieves her bladder infection.

Trick or Treat? Sarah suffers from severe anxiety and panic attacks. During her session she realizes that she continues to blame her parents for the pain she went through during their divorce when she was 13. She learns to forgive her parents and her anxiety and panic attacks cease.

Trick or Treat?

Karen has cool and groovy job in NYC making a great salary. She is enjoys her job however one day she gets fired. She is devastated and starts to slip into a depression. During her sessions she begins to understand that the change that has occurred is actually a treat because she has the opportunity to relocate and open her own business. She does so and is very successful. In fact, she also happens to meet the man of her dreams working next door. A wonderful treat!

What is your trick that needs a treat in your life? I leave that up to you!

Esoteric Healing encompasses the energy, different vibrations and the way we see, hear, feel, and intuit the events and experiences in our lives. The answers to the questions we have may not always be what are immediately apparent. Sometimes what we think is the problems in our lives, the “tricks”, are actually opportunities for healing, “the treats”. And the treats are always in the highest and best good of all.

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