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Bernadette Bloom

Energy Healing Practitioner

Holistic Physical Therapist

Medical Intuitive

Energy Medicine – Healing for the 21st Century

Journey Into The World of Energy Medicine with Bernadette Bloom and Feel Better Mentally, Emotionally and Physically!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you tired of not having enough energy to get through the day? Were you affected by 911 or some other traumatic event and have PTSD from it? Do you suffer from a serious disease and been told there is nothing further that can be done? Have you been told that surgery is your only option and you will still be in pain afterwards? Are you on a lot of medicines with all kinds of side effects? Are you having a hard time focusing? Is the chemo and or radiation you had years ago still affecting you? Are you still grieving the loss of your marriage or another significant relationship? Are you still carrying resentments from these losses? Have you lost hope? 
The type of energy medicine Bernadette Bloom practices is called Esoteric Healing. It's a high vibrational energetic technique from Tibet that quickly easily and naturally balances your bio-electric or energy field. During a session, Bernadette asks for the highest and best good to happen. You will then act in accordance with higher consciousness with greater insights and a broader perspective. Life will be easier for you.
Esoteric Healing can help:


Resolve pain and other symptoms easily and naturally

Resolve traumas or conflicts from the past

Detect dis-ease before it manifests itself in the physical body

Discover Bernadette's Holistic & Integrative Approach Using Energy Healing For:

Allergies and Fibromyalgia


Auto-Immune Disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



Cancer of all kinds


Multiple Sclerosis 

Emotional and Mental Stress 


Parkinson’s and Nerve Pain


Neurological Imbalances

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

Chronic Neck & Back Pain


Attention Deficit / Autism


Traumatic Patterns / Addictions


Hormonal Imbalances




Depression Management

Chronic Fatigue


Migraines & Arthritis

Fertility Issues


“I have Stage 4 breast cancer, and Bernadette has been able to shrink my tumors. She also removed some years-old trauma that was deeply embedded in me, so as to clear up my energy. My sessions with Bernadette have been some of the best money I've ever spent.”

— Sue Liu

“There are no words to describe what Bernadette does, because it is

completely out of this world" how she is able to heal others.

I can not imagine anyone's life would not get better after working with her.”

— Michelle Best

“Bernadette has been helping my non verbal autistic son for 3 years.

Thanks to her, my son hasn't needed medication. He just got better and better.

Now he is a happy, healthy child, who can enjoy group life. ”

— Cristina Lee

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Private Energy Healing Sessions Available In Person, By Phone, Zoom & Skype!

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PTSD Handled the "Esoteric Healing" Way 

By Bernadette Bloom

-Energy Magazine, May/June Issue

Click here to read article.

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