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Be sure to clear your energy and space at the end of the work day. Find a way that works for you.


It can be as simple as saying "God send anything that isn't mine energy to God's light now" or

you can use this Cut and Clear Prayer below by saying:


Father, Mother, God, Creator of all that is, I command that all negative thought forms,

low vibrational energy, and energy that is not mine, be sent to God's light now.

It is also commanded that any waywards, or any other entities that are in my

energy or energy space be sent to God's light now.

It is also commanded that any cords, hooks, or other attachments that were

formed be pulled and sent to God's light now and replaced with unconditional love..

It is also commanded that any energy or soul fragments that were exchanged

be pulled, cleaned and sent back to their original owner now.

It is done, it is done, it is done. Thank you and so it is.



Medical Intuitive - Energy Healing Practitioner - Holistic Physical Therapist

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