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Healing Uses The Principle of Energy Follows Thought!

There are many ways to approach healing. One therapy may work well for one person, others benefit from a combination of modalities. That's why Bernadette offers a wide range of services that can all help you on your path to healing. Sessions can focus on one modality or include a combination of techniques. 


For almost 42 years Bernadette has used her gift of energy healing to successfully help clients all over the world overcome physical, mental and emotional problems Using a high vibration energetic technique from Tibet called “Esoteric Healing” she can detect the location of blockages and negative energy patterns within the body’s energy field and chakras. Once detected, Bernadette can then shift this energy pattern quickly, easily and naturally by balancing your body’s bio-electric field. This process restores the natural flow of energy flow into your chakras, then into your mental and emotion.

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Theta Healing is a meditative technique conducted while the client and practitioner are in a theta brainwave state - an altered consciousness which makes it easier to receive information about a clients health or life situation. The practitioner then works with and through the energy of unconditional love to assist the client in transforming and changing the emotions, beliefs and energies that are contributing to their current imbalance. Theta healing can be used for creating physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental healing.


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that allows a therapist to channel positive universal energy into a patient by means of touch, or by holding their hands above them. The goal of this alternative health modality is to restore balance and harmony between all the parts of our being. Reiki works to create a state of equilibrium in our life-force energy. It raises the vibration in the body and works to heal and clear energetic pathways. This allows our life-force energy to begin to flow again which improves physical health, emotional well-being, stress reduction and mental clarity.



Holistic Physical Therapy is based on the principles that the ankle is connected to  the shin bone the shin bone is connected to the thigh thigh pelvis pelvis trunk trunk neck shoulders elbows and hands and the neck is connected to the head.  So therefore we evaluate the body from head to toe and evaluate what is weak what is tight what needs to be mobilized what needs to be stretched what needs to be strengthened to restore the body back to balance HPT doesn't nessacarily treat pain because pain is the great mascarader. we use techniques such as muscle energy myofacial relief contract/relax positional release mobilization and cranial fluid dyanmics to restore the body back to wholeness. 



Cranial Fluid Dynamics is a light, hands-on healing modality that helps to release tension, pain, and trauma stored in the body, mind, and/or spirit. It is based on a deeper awareness of the intricacies of structure and function of the bones, the tissue, and the fluid of the human body. The constant ebb and flow of the fluid contained within and around our cells and tissues carries the rhythm of life and enables us to feel our connection to our own self and to the source of life. Cranial Fluid Dynamics is a wonderful process to resolve any physical trauma, from childbirth to car accidents, whether recent or long in the past It addresses blockages in the system which create physical problems from headaches to sciatica and eases emotional states of fear and anxiety. The restoration of harmony in the body encourages vitality and creativity.



Individual, Couple, Children & Family Sessions - 1 hour and 10-minute sessions (70 minutes total) are available by appointment only. In person in Chappaqua, NY or Westchester County or long distance worldwide by phone or video chat via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime. To schedule an appointment please call 239-289-3744 or email


Pre and Post-Surgery Support Sessions Also Available  - Are you scared to have surgery? Would you like to optimize your body’s ability to heal? Energy medicine can help! Before your operation, a treatment will help reduce your stress, balance your nervous system and get the body in optimal alignment for the surgery. Following surgery, treatments strengthen the healing process of all organs and parts of the body compromised by the anesthesia. The session will also include techniques to reattach and restore the nadis (lines of energy) that were cut during the operation and removal of the trauma that created the need for the surgery in the first place.


Pricing varies for each client and will be determined after your consultation.


Payment can be made with cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle.  You can learn how to use Zelle HEREVenmo payments can be made to Bernadette-Bloom1  (The profile picture is a cat).

Insurance receipts are available for reimbursement.

Checks and money orders need to be made out to CASH and can be mailed to PO Box 754 Chappaqua, New York 10514.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy - Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of an appointment's date/time will not receive a refund.


What Is An Energy Healing Session With Bernadette Bloom Like?


Each treatment session is around 1 hr and 10 minutes and customized for each client because everyone is a different person. There is no cookbook for everyone.Prior to a session, I ask each person to email me 3 emotional issues they have been unable to resolve in their lifetime. I approach healing this way because emotional issues have a direct effect on your physical health. I begin each session by making an energetic connection also known as an alignment and attunement with Source energy which has many names (Universal Life Source, Higher Power, God, Jehovah, etc.), and ask for the highest and best good to happen for you. Then using an ancient Tibetan energetic technique I first balance the energy centers or chakras of the body to get a baseline of where any restrictions are and what is needed. The nervous system of the body is balanced next. If the person’s energy is low I balance the places in the body that brings in restorative and extra support like the spleen. Next, I assess which emotional issue is the most traumatic and where this issue is stuck in your energy system. In most cases, it is stuck in more than one area. I think about the issue and you think about the issue. Thinking about the issue makes the energy system contract, then using healing energy I balance the areas of processing and areas to let go of the trauma. The benefits: your energy will expand, you will feel lighter, you will be able to breathe better, and your body will feel less tight. In many cases you will be able to reduce the amounts of medicines you are on.


How Many Sessions Will A Person Need?


This varies from individual to individual. For instance, a common cold usually needs only one session since its much easier to resolve the imbalance is on the emotional level. If a person has a specific diagnosis like fibromyalgia, any situation that helped create it needs to be taken out of the energy system such as grief that gets stuck in the muscles and nervous system.


What if I'm late?


If you believe you will be late, please call or text 239-289-3744.


What are your session cancellation and rescheduling policy?


If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please call/text  239-289-3744 or email at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. All appointments missed, not canceled or rescheduled within this time frame will be charged in full.


What do I need to know for my session?


Please wear comfortable clothing. If you are bringing a child for a session please bring something for them to play with eg coloring book, puzzle, book.



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