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Ageless Wisdom Teachings


Alice Bailey

Djwal Khul

Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul



Alice Bailey was a writer on a wide-ranging neo-Theosophical system of esoteric thought covering such topics as how spirituality relates to the Solar System, meditation, healing, spiritual psychology, the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society in general. Her work bore some similarity to those of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and are among the teachings often referred to as the "Ageless Wisdom." Though Bailey's writings differ in some respects to the Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky, they have much in common with it. She wrote on religious themes, including Christianity, though her writings are fundamentally different from many aspects of Christianity or other orthodox religions. Her vision of a unified society included a global "spirit of religion" different from traditional religious forms and including the concept of the Age of Aquarius.

Master Djwahl Khul is a prominent figure within Theosophy, spirituality, and Trans-Himalayan Teachings. He is said to have led a spiritual and scholarly life as a Tibetan Buddhist lama in a remote monastery in the Himalayas in the early 19th century and was a disciple in the the Ageless Wisdom tradition. Bailey's texts describe him as a member of the 'Spiritual Hierarchy', or 'Brotherhood', of Mahatmas, and one of the Ascended Masters, defined as the spiritual guides of mankind and teachers of ancient cosmological, metaphysical, and esoteric principles that form the origin of all the world's great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions.


Djwhal Khul contacted Bailey telepathically in 1919, when she was 35, with the communication that she might be able to make a contribution to the evolution and awakening of humanity through their collaboration on a series of books. Bailey refused initially, as she had no interest in what she perceived to be lower psychic activity and at the time didn’t know the identity of this mysterious contact. He persisted, however, and after a trial period in which she was allowed to weigh up whether what came through was genuine and of benefit to humanity, she agreed to serve as his amanuensis. This began a telepathic relationship that continued for 30 years, until Alice passed on in 1949. It is important to note here that the mode of communication was telepathic rather than channelling. Bailey did not ‘give up’ her mind, but rather was trained to align it via her soul sufficiently with that of Djwhal Khul’s for the transmission to flow cleanly. Together they produced 19 books of esoteric philosophy, and Alice Bailey wrote five additional titles independently. 

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Five of Bailey's books were written as a series under the title "A Treatise on the Seven Rays."


Volume 1: Esoteric Psychology I (1936) 

Volume 2: Esoteric Psychology II (1942) 

Volume 3: Esoteric Astrology (1951)

Volume 4: Esoteric Healing (1953)

Volume 5: The Rays and the Initiations (1960)


Bailey's teachings are primarily concerned with the relationship of soul to personality, of the spiritual to the material nature. In her view, all disease has its ultimate root in some type of blocked or inhibited soul life. Therefore, healing consists of releasing the soul, that is the establishing of a right relation between the soul and the personality where the personality is defined as the instrument of soul expression. Eliminating obstructions and congestion, the source of a major part of disease. The whole process of healing is directed by thought, the mind of the healer and sometimes emotional synergy to inhibit causes of disease. Healing becomes automatic where the practitioner no longer is directed by energies, currents, centers, that include the nadis as one area of focus, the abstract is related back to the practices where appropriate but healing is directed without effort.

In line with previous Theosophical teachings, Bailey taught that man consists of:

  1. Monad (spark of God, true Self)

  2. Soul (higher mind, Love nature, higher consciousness)

  3. Personality consisting of three aspects

    • Lower mind (intellect)

    • Emotions or astral nature

    • Physical and etheric body


Each of the three aspects of the lower nature is described as a "body" or aura of energy and seen as partial expression of the real self or soul. The soul is regarded as the reflection of the real self that works through or uses the three aspects of personality. She also speaks of these as "vehicles" or "sheaths", and alternately as the "mental body", "astral body", or "physical body". The "etheric" body is most directly related to physical health and is seen as the vital energizing agent for the individual while in physical incarnation. The mind and emotional nature are seen as auras or energy fields of which brain activity is a secondary effect. 

Alice Bailey's Esoteric Healing was published in 1953. 

In her book Esoteric Healing, Bailey explains how the knowledge of the constitution of man as a spiritual being and of the biology and anatomy of his physical form are of equal importance.

Additional topics include the seven ray techniques of healing; the laws and rules of healing; basic causes of disease; and requirements for healing are given in detail.  We learn, for example, that much disease can be karmic in origin; that certain diseases are inherent in the soil and in the substance of the planet; and that many others are psychological, arising in the emotional or mental bodies. Hence the need for a total and comprehensive understanding both of the patient and of the correct and safe methods of healing. We are also given a true understanding of death as the abstraction, or the withdrawal, of the soul from the body to continue life on its own plane without the limitation of the body, until a new cycle of incarnation and experience in form is necessary.

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