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August 28, 1955 - October 23, 2023

Medical Intuitive, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Teacher, Author and Holistic Physical Therapist

"The will to heal involves a complete transformation without compromise or limitations. Disease thrives on procrastination and excuses. The will to heal entails the willingness to embrace change and let go of anything that does not contribute to inner well-being."  B.B.

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A Legacy of Healing and Sacred Teachings

For nearly four decades, Bernadette used her extraordinary gift of energy healing to transform lives, touching the hearts and souls of people around the globe. Her special approach, rooted in the high vibrational Tibetan technique of "Esoteric Healing," allowed her to identify blockages and negative energy patterns in the body's energy field and chakras.  With grace and precision, she would realign these energies, restoring the natural flow from the chakras to the emotional, mental, and finally, the physical levels of the body.  Her work was not just about healing; it was about empowerment and the restoration of balance. 


Bernadette's spirit will continue to touch lives through the knowledge and wisdom she shared with so many. A selected collection of her teachings and writings are available on this site for free for all to enjoy and share. May her light continue to shine bright and her enduring contribution to the world of healing guide us.

Guided Meditation For Vibrational Alignment

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Recent Publications

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